Digital signage Software

Is an Operating System for :
- PC base on Ubuntu XFCE LTS 18.04
- Raspberry Pi base on raspbian Buster
It allows to quickly setup:

Digital Signage System

with Linutop KiosK

-Digital signage display
-For Information, orientation, entertainment and advertisement
-Manage multiple screens with Linutop TV

Internet Web Kiosk

with Linutop KiosK

-Easy to configure web kiosk
-OnLine Catalog for points of sale
-Zero maintenance with Linutop Lock

Many other dedicated uses

with Linutop OS

-Maintenance-Free Desktop
-Mesurement (network probe, temperature)
-Thin client (Company, Production line)
-Old PC recycling

Brochure Linutop OS
Documentation Linutop OS
Linutop kiosk player
Linutop Kiosk player

Linutop OS Secure Desktop

Linutop OS Secure Desktop

Linutop OS Internet Kiosk Linutop OS Internet Kiosk

Try it now on your PC or Raspberry Pi !


Security - Privacy
- No virus
- No maintenance
Linutop OS is small and requires minimal processing power PCs
- Fast installation
- Fast to run
Linutop Kiosk
Linutop Kiosk is powerfull integrated application to set up a digital signage screen and/or secure Intenet access
- Full screen web page, image, video, PDF and led panels compatible
Linutop OS can be installed on a PC or a Raspberry Pi by replacing the old Operating System.

Pre-installed Software

Linutop Kiosk- Internet Kiosk and Digital Signage

Linutop Kiosk is a software that allows you to set up your computer as Internet kiosk or digital signage.

- Internet Kiosk
This software allows you to select the starting homepage and lock the Linutop on designated websites or block certain websites.

- Linutop Kiosk for digital signage
This software can display automatically JPEG images, web pages URLs, video files and PDF on a screen.

- Linutop Kiosk s compatible with digital signage management solution enables web management of the playlist, including the time and order, it can be used for one or many screens.

Linutop Kiosk setup Menu

Chromium or Firefox - Internet Access

The Linutop OS comes with Chromium configured with pre-installed extensions fully compatible with Chrome

The LinutopOS can be configured as a chromium kiosk.

The Linutop OS comes with Firefox configured with pre-installed extensions to access different web content: Flash, PDF, Microsoft Word,

The LinutopOS can be used as a ready to use for Internet access.

borne internet logiciel

VLC - Lecteur Multi Media

VLC is a standard media player able to read a wide variety of audio and video formats: AVI, Xvid, DivX, MP3, MPEG-1/2/4, etc.

In addition to these files, the Linutop can also read audio streams, network radio and webTV, Television DVBT, etc.

The Linutop software has been optimized to watch video files in full screen mode.

The Linutop can be used as a robust and professional multi-media player.
mini PC affichage dynamique
VLC Media Player

Libre Office - Poste bureautique

Libre Office is compatible with Microsoft Office suite, the most widely used in businesses. You can then read and edit Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents.

The Linutop can be used as a business computer.

Libre Office

Linutop Digital signage Q&A

What is digital signage?

Digital signage replaces printed boards with the ability to display media on a screen in order to communicate graphically; digital screen solutions are various and help you to manage your content on one or several screens. It requires a digital signage platform usually in two parts a player and a server. The player digital signage software is design to display and manage a screen and it connects and receives a playlist from a server acting as a multi screen interactive tv wizard. There is plenty of digital screen solutions on the market at various costs. Some solution are SAAS (Software As A Service) online solution versus as on premise with a local digital signage server able to manage digital signage multiple displays Linutop provides the same digital signage tv software so customer cans choose to have server in house or use an online service to manages their screens.

What is the best screenly alternative raspberry pi?

Raspberry pi digital signage is a great solution, mixing the cost effective Paspberry Pi with a compelling software solution. free digital signage software raspberry pi can help designing a basic screen it is always possible to find on the Internet digital signage software free or just with the Raspberry Pi os download to set up a web page on a screen. Some solutions are Raspberry Pi 2 digital signage free other pi digital signage open source they may have a great cost but complexity and ergonomics can be a drawback in using this type of solution. Linutop TV is definitely an interesting solution with the flexibility from Saas to on premise, letting the customer to choose between the two options, the stability of the solution allows a good TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) overtime. Additionally the DIY (do it yourself) approach makes the self support by the customer, a key costs cutting argument. Linutop Digital signage solution is a great alternative and provides a good solution for It Professional, integrators, resellers who want to install or buy digital signage or download digital signage directly from the Internet.

How corporate digital signage help for better internal communication?

Digital signage for better internal communication is an new trend among companies can improve company image and employee satisfaction. For example you can manage a digital food menu boards or a digital lobby signage as a digital welcome screen to welcome and inform employees or customers. Digital signage for internal communication can be implemented, corporate communication can be displayed automatically in specifics locations, saving time and improving employee’s time to get the messages.

What are the best practices for employee digital signage?

Digital signage employee communications Best practices can be: To inform or remind in order to save time. To improve corporate image. To celebrate employee’s success. To illustrate company values.

How to find creative ways to communicate information to employees?

Digital screen solutions are a flexible way to communicate as it manages video, photo, or PDF media files. Many digital signage employee communications documents can be leveraged from company’s corporate websites The latest digital signage technology let you access to various templates or you can check on youtube or google images a nice way to use gets new ideas to illustrate your digital communications with.

Why use digital signage software for schools?

The benefits of digital signage in schools is the flexibility to display quickly information at different locations, it can be the main entrance and all the school buildings, as well as the school library signage it can be used for any school digital signs. Digital signage for schools and educational institutions is the best answer to improve image and internal communication efficiency. Many schools use Raspberry pi digital signage as Raspberry Pi mini computer are used for educational purpose the boards can be recycled for signage purpose and can even be a students workshop to deploy Linutop TV in their school the ultimate cost effective solution.

What is the best cost-effective digital signage solution for schools?

It seems that free digital signage software for schools seems the lowest cost… but It lake the hardware cost and support/maintenance cost. And the best digital signage software for schools must includes all the components into consideration and linutop's digital signage software for schools is a compelling solution with a good balance between costs and ease of use.

Setup your Linutop system

With the "Linutop Setup" menu, displayed on start up, you can easily setup your Linutop.

Local settings

All the software is pre-installed in 5 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian.

Translations into other languages are available and can be easily installed.

Display settings

Linutop can accomodate all screen sizes:
15" (640 x 480)
22" / large (1680 x 1050)
HD (1920 x 1080)
MAX (1920 x 1440)

Auto started applications

You can select the application that will be launch at each startup :
run Firefox,
play a video file in loop.
start a specific application
Linutop Kiosk,

This is very usefull, especially for public access.

green display system configuration
Linutop setup - General tab

green display system auto started appilication
Selecting auto started application


Download service

You can download a Linutop OS image with simple or customized configuration for a specific use.

Your system can be installed on a USB key. Then you would be able to restore your configuration from that key.


You can also download a configuration. This allow to setup your Linutop in no more than one click.

More technical details

You can find more details on our wiki: AdvancedUse.

Linutop setup - Services tab


Network settings

Enable Network Manager simplifies the uses of USB wifi keys.

Network configuration access to the standard Ubuntu network windows

By default the network uses DHCP to connect to a local network and/or internet and no action from your part should be needed.

You can choose and save your network settings: static IP address, DNS, Proxy, etc ..

Remote Management

With VNC you can access your linutop from any computer.

Windows Shares

Helps you to set up an access to a shared directory on a Windows system via the network.

You just need to enter the IP address of the Windows unit and the name of the shared directory

Linutop setup- Network tab

Linux embeded system backup
USB Key back-up

System Security

Data persistence

If "user setting only persistence" is checked (default option), all software change, except user settings, will disappear at restart.

If "full persistence system" is checked system changes and added aplications will be stored and will be kept at next startup.

"Linutop Lock Mode " Once customised your system can be password locked. The system become read only for maximun stability and security

More info

You will find more technical details on our wiki: AdvancedUse.

Linutop setup - Security tab

Linutop setup - Security tab

Linutop Kiosk software

With the Linutop kiosk software you can easily setup your Kiosk for web and/or display.

Kiosk menu :

The set-up menu allows you to define the parameters of the web browser including the following: default URL, archives management, maximum number of simultaneously open windows, and the display time of the time out message .

Restrictions :

The restriction menu enables the set up of websites that can be accessed (white list) and websites that are blocked (blacklist).

Display menu :

This menu enables the management of the display play list, including the time and order, and can support photos, URLs, and video files. The playlist can be easily composed by dragging and dropping icons.

Linutop Kiosk setup- Selecting Linutop Kiosk configuration

Adding software

The Linutop operating system is based on Ubuntu, the most popular Linux system.

With Synaptic, delivered with the Linutop, you can access the largest library of free software.

You can for example add Skype, ktorrent (a software to download file) as well as thousands of other applications.


The Linutop comes with drivers for various printers and it is very easy to add new ones.

Check the compatibility of your printers:

Wifi, touch screens, etc. ...

Just as printers, the Linutop comes with a number of drivers to connect the Linutop with different devices.

Resources to control the compatibility of your devices:
- On the Linutop wiki.

Synaptic package manager


Linutop system is designed to reduce maintenance costs.

Memory usage

The internal flash memory contains two partitions.

A first partition of 600 MB (1) contains the system and the standard software. This partition can't be altered in use.

A second partition of approximately 400 MB of free space is designed to receive user data and additional software.

Changing the operating system

Linutop comes with an operating system derived from a Xubuntu distribution (2). The system is being updated regularly and you can benefit from the latest developments of the open source community.

However, it is possible to replace this distribution by your own: Mandriva, Debian, even windows CE. Your own distribution can be installed on the internal flash memory or on an external device (USB key or hard drive.

Caution: before any significant change please make a backup copy of your system on an external USB key.

Change internal memory

The internal flash memory is installed on a standard IDE connector. It may be replaced by a larger flash memory, or a 2'' 1/2 internal hard disk.

Bios options / PXE Boot

It is possible to choose different options at startup:

- [DEL] to change the Boot priority.
- [Shift] + [F10] to choose and configure the network boot (PXE).
- [F4] to save your configuration.

1) The system is compressed. The technology used is derived from Knoopix system used for "Live" CDROM.
2) The latest version of Linutop system contains a Ubuntu 8.04 "Hardy Heron".

Screen shots

Linutop configuration

Linutop OS mini PC Linutop configuration Linutop OS mini PC Linutop configuration advanced
Configuration Editor Configuration Editor (advanced)
Linutop OS mini PC Linutop application starter Linutop OS mini PC Linutop backup
Application Starter Backup & Restore
Linutop OS mini PC Linutop keyboard configuration
Keyboard Configuration Language Configuration
Linutop OS mini PC Linutop language configuration Linutop OS mini PC Linutop network configuration
Network Configuration Wifi Configuration
Linutop OS mini PC Linutop wifi configuration Linutop OS mini PC Linutop time zone configuration
Security Configuration Time Zone Configuration

Linutop on the web:

Linutop OS mini PC Linutop firefox secured internet navigation Linutop OS mini PC Linutop google map
Firefox Google Street View
Linutop OS mini PC Linutop messenger Linutop OS mini PC Linutop google map
Messenger Google Maps
Linutop OS mini PC Linutop wikipedia Linutop OS mini PC Linutop google
Wikipedia Trafic info

Linutop Libre Office:

Libre Office Word Processor Libre Office Database
Libre Office Graphs Libre Office Presenter

Linutop applications and Tools:

Linutop OS mini PC Linutop synaptic Linutop OS mini PC Linutop text editor
Synaptic Text Editor
Linutop OS mini PC Linutop volume control Linutop OS mini PC Linutop xarchiver
Volume Control Xarchiver
Linutop OS mini PC Linutop CPU info Linutop OS mini PC Linutop Desktop tools
CPU Info Desktop Tools
Linutop OS mini PC Linutop settings manager Linutop OS mini PC Linutop partition editor
File Manage Partitions Editor
Linutop OS mini PC Linutop picture viewer Linutop OS mini PC Linutop settings manager
Picture Viewer Settings Manager
Linutop OS mini PC Linutop window manager Linutop OS mini PC Linutop panel configurator
Window Manager Panel Configurator