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Linutop OS for PC and Raspberry Pi

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A powerful kiosk software : Linutop Kiosk

This kiosk software developed by Linutop transforms your PC into a high-performance tool. Installing this software you will indeed allow you to turn any PC into an internet terminal or a support for digital signage. This is a simple and practical solution.

Turn your PC into an internet terminal with Linutop Kiosk

With Linutop Kiosk software, you will indeed set up your PC for other business purposes. To do this, you simply have to install it on your computer and choose the desired interface. Linutop Kiosk software will give you the opportunity to turn any computer into a secure internet terminal.

It also offers you the possibility to use your PC, or better, a Linutop mini computer, as a digital signage support. In this case, you will benefit from having a low power consumption device which will work 24/7 without costing too much. This software will make your PC a perfect tool for providing access to Internet or to optimize your visual communications in a public place

Linutop’s kiosk software, an ideal solution for professionals

Given the possibilities offered by the Linutop’s kiosk software professionals will be pleased by all the futurs and ease of use. This software will indeed allow them to provide an additional service, improving the overall customers satisfaction. Perfect for hotels or shops, but schools, hospitals, town halls and libraries will benefit from it. In sum, whether for commercial or public uses, Linutop’s kiosk software will turn your PC or Raspberry Pi into a reliable internet kiosk or digital signage support.