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Share files with Windows


You will need some information about your windows installation:

  • its IP address (the local network ip, usually something like
  • the name of the directory you want to share, and the user who owns it
  • the password if you set one.

Mount the shared directory

The windows shared directory will be seen as a device, and thus needs to be 'mounted'. To do so:

  • create a 'mount point' (an empty directory):
 mkdir ~/shares
  • use the smbmount command:
 smbmount // ~/shares -o username=windows_user,password=pass

where is the IP address of the Windows machine, shared_directory a Windows share directory. If you don't need a password, just leave it empty (end the command with password=).

You can now acces the files in ~/shares, just like you access any other file of your system.

Note: the IP address can be replaced by the hostname of the windows box.