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Upgrading a system to a new version is easy.


Build a new OS V4 key from your Linutop

On a Linutop OS V3

  • plug in a key (minimum 1G)
  • download and execute the installation script (you need to be connected to internet of course):
sudo bash
sudo lusm-web4 4
  • reboot with the new USB key plugged in.

On a Linutop OS V4

  • plug in a key (minimum 1G)
  • execute the installation script:
sudo lusm-web 4
  • reboot with the new USB key plugged in.

Flashing the hard drive

The solutions proposed here will erase the internal memory; backup your data first.

To flash the internal memory, you need to boot on an USB key (see previous paragraph). On the booted system you can use the Backup/Restore tool to copy the OS on the internal disk.