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Mcueni 18:56, 9 September 2008 (CEST) It seems to me that this tutorial is for the Linutop 1. As for the Linutop 2 I bought a week ago, the syslinux.cfg file does not contain any line with video settings... How do we set the Linutop 2 to use a Wide screen Monitor? If it is the same way, I've missed something.

I am trying to connect a 42" Philips monitor (BDL4231C/00) but need to press Ctrl-Alt-[+] twice to have the screen catch the signal... and of course I only have a partial (moving with the mouse) view of the desktop.

I intend to use Linutop to show a presentation in our building entrance. If I am able to set it correctly, we'll buy 4 more to install in our subsidiaries.

By the way, it would be fine to have the articles stating whether they apply to Linutop 1 or Linutop 2 or both.